Questionnaire to the partners of Världens Resor

We have a policy and code of conduct which we follow and which we communicate to our clients. This policy includes guidelines concerning employment and choice of hotels and transportation in the countries we visit.

We would like you to take the following into consideration when you book and arrange services for us. Please answer the questions below (please be aware that it is your responsibility to control and answer also for providers your company use). If you answer NO to any of the questions, please specify.

Is the company internationally or domestic owned?
Do the company pay taxes in the country in which it operates?
Can you guarantee that your employees working conditions are according to the law in the country where you operate?
Can you guarantee that your employees have a minimum wage required to maintain an adequate living standard in the country of residence?
Does the company work with sustainability?


Locally/nationally owned hotels are our prior choice compared to hotels run by international companies. Can you agree on providing such hotels as our first choice?
If you don’t find locally owned hotels of adequate standard, could you communicate with us and explain why you suggest a different hotel and provide detailed information on the hotel suggested?
We refuse to book hotels where any form of prostitution is practiced. Could you address this concern to the hotels and make a priority of picking hotels that have a policy against prostitution?
We know it is difficult to control all hotels you work with, but do you use a sort of reference or system to control and evaluate the hotels?


When renting buses, minibuses or cars and drivers: could you guarantee the vehicles have been checked and certified for use according to the laws and regulations in the country?
Can you guarantee you have the necessary insurance for vehicles and drivers?
Our first choice is a bus/minibus or car where all passengers have a working seat belt. Could you provide this?
Our first choice would be vehicles run on biofuel or electricity. Could you provide these? Please comment below so we are updated on current situation and availability in the region where you arrange tours.

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