About us

Welcome to our world

“Tours of the world” was founded in 2003. The desire to travel and curiosity about new cultures and places brought its three founders together. To this day we live for the motto to create fun trips that we would like to do. We are eleven employees with the same goal but with different experiences and knowledge spread across the whole globe. We are looking forward in planning your next trip and that it will be your best trip yet.

Jörgen Fredriksson, Joacim Ericson and Lottie Sundelöf,  founder and partners

Why “Tours of the world?"                                               

We create trips with desire, curiosity and knowledge

There are a lot of trips and tour companies to choose from but it can be hard to understand what separates companies. Below are a few points and questions that may be helpful to look at and compare tour operators before your next adventure.

How often does the trip go? We don’t mass produce our trips. All of our travels take place 1-3 times per year. That makes the trip even more special.

What does the journey plan look like? Our travels are planned by travel producers with lots of knowledge both academically and practically. They always have passion for every journey. We always find the most interesting, funniest and different trips for every adventure. Both when we visit the major sights and when we come out in environments far beyond the usual tourist routes.

What transportation is used? We choose transportation that fits the specific trip; train, airplane, boat and public transportation, are good transportation and it gives you a good insight into the country you are visiting.

What is included in the trip? Our trip has tones of activities and visits. All of the activities and onsets for the visits are included in the trips price. We make sure that it is a good balance between lectures, sightseeing and the opportunity to own time.

How big is the group? To arrange trips with quality and to travel in a responsible way taking into account the local condition, we require smaller groups of people. Our adventures have 10-18 travelers.

Who’s leading the group? Our travels are led by language speaking and specialist having knowledge of the region you’re visiting. Your trip advisor makes sure that you will get knowledge, understanding and real insight about the destination.

Do I have to pay for a single bedroom if I’m travelling alone? No, you can always share a room with another traveler in the same gender. If it is an uneven number of travelers we will pay the extra cost.  If you want to book a single room that is absolutely fine at an additional cost.

Is there a travel policy? We have a policy document that describes our responsibilities and our obligations and also how we work with economy, environment and aid. You can read more about this in the left column. 

Am I protected as a consumer? Yes, Our Company follows the Swedish consumer law; among others, package travel act and guarantee law. You as a consumer are fully secured. 

Tour price. To compare prices on different tours can be hard but if you ask the questions above and keeps in mind how many days the journey is, you will get a good view on what the price is about.